If you want to enlist our help, have a piece of news related to our street trees posted on this blog, volunteer as a Street Tree Warden or help fund replacement trees, please let us know by emailing us at:

... and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Lewisham Council contacts

General tree related information

You can go to the Trees page of Lewisham Council's website for more information about planning permission for tree works within the conservation area and many other related issues. Click here

Street tree/public space tree issues

If you have concerns about a sickly or damaged street tree, or want to get a street tree trimmed or pruned, in the first instance please contact the Environmental Services Department at Lewisham Council: 

Telephone: 020 8314 7171 

Note: As of January 2016 the Love Lewisham website, where you used to be able to report any issue related to trees, is under redevelopment. Go here for further information. 

Unauthorised tree work/felling

All work on trees within the conservation area requires planning approval. If you have concerns that a tree has been felled or worked on without permission, we suggest, in the first instance, that you check Lewisham Council's Planning Department database of planning applications - go here

If the application is not recorded, then we suggest you contact the Planning Enforcement Service by going to this webpage, or contact them at

Telephone: 020 8314 7400

If all else fails ...

If you are still having problems after all that, get in touch with us using the email address above and we will chase the issue via our personal contacts.