2nd June - Vanguard Street mass planting celebration

Earlier this spring we managed something quite new for us - a mass planting in Deptford. Twenty one beautiful white ornamental cherries in Vanguard Street - until now a rather bare streetscape behind the A2 ... 

Come and help us celebrate the planting of these new trees in the Vanguard Street carpark on Friday 2 June at noon. All residents are warmly invited to attend and enjoy refreshments and a talk by local MP, Vicky Foxcroft. 

7th June  - Tree climbing in Hilly Fields

Jack Cooke, author of The Tree Climber’s Guide (HarperCollins 2016) will talk and climb a tree in Hilly Fields. He says, “I’ve spent the last year exploring city trees in parks, gardens, streets, roundabouts and riversides. The book tells the story of what I discovered in their branches. The Guide is about escape and a fresh perspective. It offers a bird’s eye view of urban living, from wildlife in the trees to commuters below. I believe passionately that we should all climb trees, and that by doing so we forge a deeper connection to our surroundings.” Signed copies of Jack's book will be available at the event.

Further info online at
Event hosted by
 Street Trees for Living – a Brockley Society project,
online at
 brockleystreettress.blogspot.comSpace limited, reservations via
10th June - Street Trees for Living - Tree of Wishes

The Brockley Society street tree campaign will have a ‘tree of wishes’ which you can help to make and decorate with wishes, comments or pictures. For all ages and stages, materials will be provided, come and have a quiet moment relaxing and adding to our tree.
24th June - Hilly Fields Fayre 
Come and visit our stall at this annual community gathering and find out more about how you can get involved. Tree Quiz optional!

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