Our street trees are an incredibly valuable feature of our local environment. Brockley would not be the wonderful place it is without its street trees.

Our trees soften the edges of our bricks and mortar streets. They keep us in touch with the passing seasons, cheering us as they green up and bloom in spring, cool and shade us in the heat of summer, and provide a riot of autumn colour. They help to keep our air fresh and clean, and they shield us from the noise and nuisance of traffic. And of course, they provide shelter and food for our diverse local bird population and other species.

Sweet almond - Spring 2016 - Breakspears Road
Sadly, in the summer of 2012, many were removed by the council because they had become a liability, mostly because they were getting older and more prone to fungal diseases. In recent years some perfectly healthy (but very large) trees have also been removed to mitigate the insurance risk that Lewisham Council carries. In these financially straitened times, the council has fewer resources available for replacement planting and we risk losing this essential feature of the Brockley conservation area unless we do something about it.

So, we are asking for your help to get involved and help us look after our street trees. 

On an on-going basis, we are looking for people who can act as Street Tree Guardians, reporting concerns or problems about trees in their street, or caring for newly planted replacement trees. We are also looking for people who are able to help fund replacement planting, either as individual households, or as a group of willing neighbours. From time to time we need other kinds of help, which we detail in the Getting Involved tab above. 

You can use this blog to get in touch with us, send us ideas, report problems, or just share your enjoyment of the street trees in the area. Just go to the Contacts tab at the top of the page. All contributions (including photographic ones) most welcome! 

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