Our street trees are an incredibly valuable feature of our local environment. Our neighbourhoods would not be the wonderful places they are without street trees.

Trees soften the edges of our bricks and mortar streets. They keep us in touch with the passing seasons, cheering us as they green up and bloom in spring, cool and shade us in the heat of summer, and provide a riot of autumn colour. They help to keep our air fresh and clean, and they shield us from the noise and nuisance of traffic. And of course, they provide shelter and food (fruit and insects) for our diverse local bird population and other species.

What we do

  • We promote and nurture community interest in street trees across the London Borough of Lewisham. 
  • We publicise and raise funds for Lewisham Council's street tree planting scheme 
  • We keep planting records, lobby local and city government, and maintain a blog and other online resources.
  • We support interested individuals, businesses and resident groups by offering initial planting surveys, providing flyers, attending local meetings, and giving advice.We liaise with the council on behalf of residents.
  • We take responsibility for tree watering by local people.We label and audit planted trees.

Who we are

  • Volunteers. We are all volunteers in one or more of the roles described below, working in partnership with Lewisham Council.
  • Committee members (6 in 2017) who meet every month. Individually they take on the operational work of the scheme. 
  • Street reps (18 in 2017) consult with local residents to promote the scheme usually in the street where they live. They distribute flyers, canvas for support, raise funds, keep records, manage local tree watering, and represent the street in cases of multiple planting and sponsorship.
  • Sponsors (194 recorded since 2012) contribute small or large sums to pay for street trees.
  • Tree guardians (387 total appointed since 2012) water and keep an eye on individual street trees.
  • Brockley Society is a registered charity set up in 1974 to promote local community and conservation interests. It provides charitable status and oversight. Street Trees for Living is part of its work.

Sweet almond - Spring 2016 - Breakspears Road

Street Trees for Living

Brockley Society
PO Box 63473

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